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At Xtra Dimension Virtual Reality (VR) you can choose your own virtual adventure. Whether you’re visiting us by yourself, with friends, work colleagues or the whole family. Our carefully selected range of experiences and games, ensures we will have something for everyone. Including the most up to date VR games. The VR experiences and games are focused on teamwork, competition and interaction.
Are you ready to go on an expedition together?

Our “Game Zones” can be kept private for small groups, or both rooms can be linked together for bigger groups and birthday parties, you’ll play together and talk to one another as if you are all in the same room. Our aim is to give our customers the best virtual reality experience we can in an environment to make you feel comfotable.

Discover your inner Indiana Jones, as you set off on a challenging adventure with friends or family in one of our Virtual Reality Escape Rooms. You’ll be in VR with a group of up to four people at the same time. Here, you’ll find yourself in a whole new world where things work a bit differently. VR allows you to go far beyond the possibilities of a traditional ‘real life’ Escape Room. You can travel to astonishing locations and do things you could normally only dream of. Your adventure awaits at Xtra Dimension Virtual Reality (VR).

From shooters, strategy, and role-playing to sports games, puzzles, and action adventures, we’ve got you covered with our VR arcade! Our aim is to totally change your world, at least when you’re in ours.
During your session, you can switch games at any time with full access to our library of 30+ games. Play solo or with your friends! VR Arcade mode is a great way to give a sense of everything available in VR today. Our game masters will show you the ropes and help to start multiplayer sessions and help to give you a memorable experience.


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